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If you’ve ever gone in search of smoked salt, filé powder or Mexican oregano, you know fresh, high-quality herbs and spices can be hard to find. Friendly, expert advice can be just as scarce, since most grocers know relatively little about herbs and spices.

At Cardamom & Cloves, we aim to change all that. We’re Ottawa’s premier spice shop. We source a wide selection of the freshest, highest quality, pre-packaged products from around the world. Whenever possible our products are organic and fairly traded. They are always gluten free, vegan and made from whole spices, never with fillers. 

But we don’t just stock herbs and spices — we know a lot about them, their rich history, deep cultural significance, and range of applications. It’s knowledge we love to share, and one of the secrets to our outstanding customer service.


From the familiar to the exotic, Cardamom & Cloves is home to the finest dried spices from around the world. We specialize in spice blends made from hand, including Middle Eastern Ras El Hanout, French Herbes de Provence and Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Want to craft your own personalized blend? We can help find you the ingredients you are looking for! 

Flavour is highly subjective. Everyone has slightly different preferences. That’s why we’re delighted to stock a variety of even the most basic ingredients, such as cinnamon, pepper, salt and oregano. You can find the variety you love most while exploring the extraordinarily nuanced world of herbs and spices.

All our products are freshly ground and mixed by hand. We use the highest quality whole spices. Wherever possible, products are organic and fair trade. They are always gluten free, vegan and made from whole spices. 

Why not check out our blog where we are regularly adding recipes, spice facts and tips? Click here to see our latest postings! Or take a look at our monthly spice subscription! We send a kit of three spice samples plus recipes to you each month - discover new blends with easy, seasonally inspired ingredient recipes with international flavour.